SAT Expected Dates, Upcoming Dates

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Important Instruction Before you apply for SAT 2017 registration:

  • It’s Amazing thought and get secure before anyone begin to register SAT 2017.
  • Sign in to your free College Panel of account. Your parent or anyone cannot go to register for you it’s each individual’s responsibility to get register for SAT 2017.
  • You need to provide your valid information, valid name and other identifying details. Make assured it’s the particular the same name and details which is shown on your ID photo.
  • Decide if you desire the answer of other questions all about you. It can take a time, but it’s value it when you need a colleges/Institute and scholarship administrations to search you.
  • Resolve that whether to 1st time register for the SAT through article. See those colleges/institute indorse (recommend) you or need it.
  • Upload a photograph that concern very particular photo needs.
  • Check the all detail which you entered in online application form, and finally you need to print Admission Ticket.

By the Authority of SAT announcement of SAT anticipated dates which is given below you can aware about SAT conducting Dates:

Anticipated Dates 2017-2018:

SAT 2017-18 Administration Dates (Anticipated)
SAT DateSAT Subject Status Test Available?
26 Aug, 2017Allow
7 Oct, 2017Allow
4 Nov. 4, 2017Allow
2 Dec, 2017Allow
10 March, 2018No
5 May, 2018Allow
2 June, 2018Allow

Anticipated Dates 2018-2019:

SAT 2018-19 Administration Dates (Anticipated)
SAT DateSAT Subject Status Test Available?
25 Aug, 2018Allow
6 Oct, 2018Allow
3 Nov, 2018Allow
1 Dec, 2018Allow
9 March, 2019No
4 May, 2019Allow
1 June, 2019Allow

Anticipated Dates 2019-2029:

SAT 2019-2020  Administration Dates (Anticipated)
SAT DateSAT Subject Status Test Available?
24 Aug, 2019Allow
5 Oct, 2019Allow
2 Nov, 2019Allow
7 Dec, 2019Allow
7 March, 2020No
2 May, 2020Allow
6 June, 2020Allow


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